Welcome Beta-Testers to Books for Well Trained Minds!

My desire is for this to be a place where parents who use the forums at The Well Trained Mind can come to find fabulous books for their children. One of the more frequent pleas over at the forums are for book suggestions. Whether we have new readers who need something beyond the Bob Books or high schoolers needing to be challenged, I hope we can all find (and give!) some great suggestions here.

I am very new to wikispaces and this site will be very fluid until I figure out the best way to organize and arrange this wiki. Please bear with me! For now, I have books categorized by age/grade in the menu box on the left hand side and then on each age/grade page, I have divided those into subject categories such as History, Bible, Science, and genres. I am totally open to adding, combining, and/or eliminating categories as needed. The current categories are just ones I thought of off the top of my head! I'd like to add a category for parents, but I'll have to get to that tomorrow.

Email me at robinorscott@gmail.com , send me a PM on the WTM forums, or start a discussion in the tab above if you have any questions or suggestions for me.

Have fun adding books to our new and awesome wiki!


PS--This is not a pretty site. I'd love to get some help from you if you have CSS skills! Also, can someone tell me why tables won't hold their formatting? I think tables would be an ideal way to organize the lists, but they look crazy right now.

Rules for editing:

  1. No wholesale copying of a copywrited book list (ie Don't sit down with your copy of The Story of the World activity guide and add all the recommended reading lists. You can, however, get out the list and use it to jog your memory.)
  2. Feel free to link your recommendations to your favorite book seller.
  3. Try to keep the books in alphabetical order by title and in the spreadsheet. (Click on the row above or below the row where you would like to insert info. Click on the little picture that pops up and select row-->add row-->then choose add above or add below.)
  4. Books can be in more than one list.
  5. Please do not delete someone else's entry. If you feel the book is inappropriate, please feel free to leave a comment letting us know why. I reserve the right to delete inflammatory comments such as "I can't believe you'd actually recommend this book. You must be out of your ever-loving mind. And you're ugly."